Do you recall the special tulips from Holland which have been designated as the official tulip of Canada’s 150th birthday?  As the above picture shows, the elegant white blooms with red flames bear an amazing resemblance to our maple leaf flag.  Pam writes to tell of a special project she has for 2017: “My plan is to ‘build goodwill and better friendships’.  Every time I meet someone from Holland I tell them the story of the special red and white tulips and thank their country for the special gift. Most do not know of the tulips but they sure remember the Canadian soldiers liberating their country.”
Seen here is a Dutch couple Pam has met in Portugal.  She says: “George was one and a half years old and she was 4 months when the war ended. They both expressed their thanks to Canada, ‘a country of very nice people.’ "
A great way to put the Four-Way Test into practice !