Posted by Wayne Harper on Aug 13, 2018
Its Sunday afternoon, it's 2pm, its hot and its humid!  What do Rotarians like to do?  Why golf, that’s what.  And so ,12 Rotarians and their guests (4) showed up for a fun golf tournament at the Sackville Golf and Country Club.  The event was organized by Wynn with assistance from Dianne (golf club relations).
Pictured are some of the members getting instructions on the rules of the tournament.
Wynn formed 4 teams of 4 who were challenged with naming their team.  The results were:
Meldrum Misfits        Rotary Woods           
Wynn Meldrum         Frank Oulton            
Sharon Meldrum      Dianne Oulton          
Wendy Meldrum       Darrell Harvey         
Bill Evans                 Marguerite Harvey    
Winners Without a Y           Adams Family
John Murchie                       George Woodburn
Gemey Kelly                         June Woodburn
Patricia Belliveau                 Wayne Harper
Edna Boland                        Sandy Harper
Clearly a lot of time was taken in the name choices.  The afternoon was perfect for golfing with little breeze and a lot of sun.  All participants survived with no injuries.  Sadly no one got a hole in one.  Closest to the pins of #5 and #7 were Frank and Dianne on #5 and Wynn and Marguerite on #7.
The shot of the day belonged to Dianne as she chipped in for and Eagle on the last hole.   The euphoria was short lived as hubby Frank suggested that she buy everyone in the club house a drink.  She did!
 Longest drive winners were Gemey Kelly for the ladies and Frank Oulton for the men. 
The final test was for the straightest drives with Sharon leading the ladies and Frank taking the men’s prize.
In the end, the Rotary Woods won the day with a 38 followed closely by the Meldrum Misfits with a 39.  The Adams Family ended up with a 40, while the Winners Without a Y shot a 41.  A couple of birdies and anyone could have won.
Wynn assured everyone that they would get a prize and they did.  Below is some of the highlights of the prize distribution.
Frank Oulton is shown accepting his prize for the men's longest drive and Wendy Meldrum accepts congratulations from daddy Wynn for finishing in second place
Left above, George accepts congrats from Wynn for his teams third place showing and Patricia represents the fourth place team.
Its Sunday afternoon, it's 4pm, its hot and its humid!  What do Rotarians like to do? Why volunteer.  David McKellar and Susan Fisher who came in only to pick up the pizzas and salads. A big Thanks you!