Photographer: Pam Harrison
Bill (above left) standing in for Jamie recounted an “alternate reality experience.”  An aunt visiting from Calgary brought with her an envelope of family memorabilia.  Among the contents was a copy of a letter written by Charlotte Dixon Hart in June 1930 – the same letter published in the current issue of The White Fence !
John Read was a guest and collected a cheque for $610 on behalf of the Tantramar Adult Learning Centre.
Birthday:  Pam is one year older and was suitably serenaded.
50-50 Draw:  John’s number was drawn but he failed to pick the Nine of Clubs.  The pot is growing and now stands at $144.
Happy Dollars:  Trish had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend with her parents.   Wynn was happy because after tomorrow he will not be in the office; this will be his last meeting for quite a while as he is heading for sunshine and golf courses.   Ove finally had his dinner at Edna’s and strongly recommends it.   Gayle is taking off for a 12-day European tour and boat cruise.   Louise is heading for Disney World (don’t let on, it’s a secret).   Since everyone is going on a trip George mentioned his trip in from Port Elgin; the school bus also leaves at 6:30 a.m.   Edna is heading for Italy.   Dianne is going to Brampton, Ontario to celebrate her grandson’s third birthday.   Trish is going as far as Hamilton this weekend where she’ll see Becky and the twins.
NEXT WEEK:  No morning meeting.  6 p.m. joint meeting at Port Elgin Rotary Club to celebrate World Polio Day.  Meal: fish chowder.  Cost: $10.  Guest Speaker: Rick Rodgers, District Polio Plus Chair.
Charlie reminded members of the In-House Auction in aid of the Rotary Foundation on 3 November.  An email was sent out and 5 or 6 people have already responded with donations.  It is hoped that all members will make some donation to the auction.
President’s Time:  Josh (photo above) reminded members of the Bowling Night with the Rotaract club on Wednesday 26 October at 6 p.m. Despite what Josh said pizza will be served.  Two Gold Mine cheques (over $1,000 in total) were passed on to the Dorchester Food Bank a donation which will make a huge difference to their operations as Christmas approaches.
Gold Mine Draw:  Because of rollovers $6,800 will go to the next winner.  This week alone saw 30 new members.
SpeakersWayne gave an impromptu introduction to the two speakers: Elizabeth Wells of the Mount A Music Department (also currently Dean of Arts), and 4th year music student Branden Olsen (from Quispamsis, N.B.). 
Their topic: “An Internship in Academic Administration.”  This is a unique arrangement that has been worked out at Mount A.  As a music student Branden was also interested in researching a non-music topic, in acquiring leadership skills, and in learning about administration.  As Dean of Arts Elizabeth does not have an assistant.  While a student could not be privy to all that goes on in a Dean’s office arrangements were worked out whereby Branden could be an intern mentored by the Dean.  He chairs the Students’ Council thus providing valuable student input.  He has participated in a Visioning Session for the Arts faculty, a Teaching/Learning summit for four area universities, and in working groups that have student members.  Although initially unpaid the position is now funded through the Campbell/Verduyn Fund.  Future plans include jointly writing a book on student success – and inviting Justin Trudeau to Mount A.  The university administration internship is a new (possibly unique) idea which could be applied in other areas such as business. How does Branden handle his many responsibilities ?  The secret is strict scheduling (and, one suspects, a capacity for hard work).
The two speakers were thanked by Trish (who would like to know more about scheduling).
The meeting closed with the Four-Way Test.