Photographer: Pam Harrison
Sandy (standing in for Josh) called the meeting to order, and George led a vigorous rendition of “O Canada.”
Josh recounted his experience playing soccer in South America.  Without much soccer experience in Dorchester he and his friend Adam found themselves drafted onto a team on a beach in Brazil.  By dint of playing a brand of “Canadian Soccer” (body-checking allowed) their team came out the winners.
Guest:  Prospective member Stacey Merrigan;  Pat Estabrooks and Katherine DeVere Pettigrew representing the Sackville Memorial Hospital Foundation.
Visiting Rotarians:  Sharon from the South Lake County Club, Florida;  PDG Pat Perry from Miramichi.
50-50 Draw:  Wynn’s number was drawn, but he failed to pick the 9 of Clubs (he came close with the 5).  So the pot of $378 carries forward to next week.
Donation:  Dale presented the club with a motion to donate $1,000 to Community Forests International. The committee was impressed by CFI’s current fund drive.  Tree planters from across the country have donated one day’s wage – a total of $35,000.  The motion, seconded by Gayle, was carried.
Gold Mine Draw:  Pat Estabrooks accepted a cheque for $576 from Josh on behalf of the Sackville Memorial Hospital Foundation.
Happy Dollars:  George was happy that the golf course is due to open on Saturday (though there is rain in the forecast).   Sharon was happy to be sitting with the (legal) Bobbsey Twins.  Ove was in Toronto for his annual ‘59 college reunion; next week he heads to Montreal and the cottage.  Wynn drew attention to the sale of the effects of the late Pauline Spatz; see the Trib for details.  Pauline was a long-time supporter and chair of the Hospital Foundation.  Dianne had a great trip south including seeing her 3 ½ year old grandson and golfing for four days; another two weeks and she takes off for Stockholm and a Baltic cruise.
Next Week, 4 May 2017:   Chair: George ;   Greeter: Bill;   Introducer: Mary;   Thanker:  Tim;   Program: Susan Lafford, “Fostering Young Leaders.”
Gold Mine Draw:  This week’s winner Roxanne McKinnon was present to claim her cheque for $1,152 from Josh.
Rotary Foundation:  A reminder from Charlie that our Paul Harris Evening will be held on Thursday 18 May at 6:30 p.m. at Cranewood on Main (113 Main Street). Local volunteers to be recognized are Alice Folkins, John Higham, Dianne Minshull, Heather Patterson and Allan Pooley.  Tickets @ $15 per person are available; please get yours if you have not already done so. 
Spring BashJamie gave a final reminder: set-up Friday 1 – 3 p.m., the big event is on Saturday evening.  Jamie has sold 52 tickets !!
President’s Time:  Josh reported on our proposed irrigation project in India on which Trish has done so much work.  Rotary International has informed us that the district with which we were to partner has been suspended from participation in matching grant programs. Pat Perry explained the background of this: a district can be suspended for failing to present a report on a global grant project within the required time.  While this is a disappointment to us, it is good to know that Rotary International ensures that grant monies are properly administered.
Speaker:   Louise introduced Katherine DeVere-Pettigrew who gave an outline of the work of the Sackville Memorial Hospital Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is “to raise funds and administer its resources to preserve, maintain, and enhance the quality of healthcare in the Tantramar region.” All funds raised stay in our community.
The hospital has over 500 patients, 36,000 outpatient visits, 920 surgical procedures, and 8,500 X-ray examinations per year.  It has 133 employees, and the services of 10 doctors.  It provides 24/7 emergency care.
Katherine reviewed the successful fund-raising campaigns of the past five years.  This year’s campaign, launched a short while ago is called “Give Our Surgeons Inside Information.”  The main aim is the purchase of a portable Mini C-arm X-ray device, which carries a price tag of $85,000, and which will expand and enhance surgical capabilities at SMH by offering a whole host of plastic and orthopedic surgeries not currently being done. This low-radiation, high-resolution technology renders exceptionally detailed X-rays allowing surgeons to safely and accurately operate on bones and joints as well as visualize hardware (plates and screws) for placement or removal.  Also to be purchased is a replacement defibrillator for the Brunswick West unit.
In addition to the annual fund-raising campaign the Foundation partners with a number of other organizations in the community to promote health and wellness.
In responding to questions Katherine and Pat pointed to the need to cultivate new donors, and also to continue to emphasize the importance of the hospital and how much it is needed in the community.
After questions, Dianne expressed thanks to the speaker
The meeting closed with the Four-Way Test.