Posted by Charlie Scobie on May 25, 2017
Photographer: Pam Harrison
George stood in for Josh and invited himself to lead the singing of “O Canada.”
After breakfast Josh took over and commented on the great work done by Community Forests International (he is on their Board).  A new fund-raising drive is underway and the money raised will be matched by the European Union which is impressed by CFI’s work in tree-planting and clean water projects.
Birthday:  Bill is a year older and was duly serenaded;  Dianne was congratulated in absentia.
Gold Mine Presentation:  This week’s winner Sylvie Skidmore was on hand to accept a cheque for $1,144 from Sandy.  Sylvie’s husband was a previous winner.
50-50 Draw:  Dale’s number was drawn but he picked the 9 of spades instead of the 9 of clubs (so near and yet so far).  The pot now stands at $409.
Happy Dollars: Josh has been doing a property search in Dorchester which provided an insight into local history.  The centre of Dorchester used to be called “The Devil’s Half Acre” – 9 lawyers and 7 taverns were located there (which ones were the devils ?).  Dorchester has been declining for many years; Josh hopes that it will make a come-back soon.  Wynn reported that the Spatz house is empty except for the baby grand piano; let’s hope someone rescues it.  He too has done property searches in Dorchester, and has been in the former jail there (only as a visitor).  Charlie is off to Victoria, B.C. for 3 weeks and is hoping that the weather improves there.   Marita did a tour of the downtown looking for the projects committee; she eventually found them at the clubhouse (i.e. Mary’s).
Donation:  Damien Hardy, representing Community Forests International, received a cheque for $1,000 from Dale.  This is the first donation to their new fund-raising drive.  Much of their money comes from tree-planters in Canada who donate a whole day’s wages to this good cause.  
Next Week: Thursday 1 June.   Chair: John;  Greeter: Darrell;  Introducer: Ove;  Thanker: Wayne.
Grocery Cards:  Pam moved, Dale seconded a motion to allow Marita to be one of the signers for the grocery card account.  Carried.
Rotary Foundation:  Please return coin jars before the end of June.
Photos:   Wayne circulated two photos he had received from Neville Ralph’s wife Joan. One of the 6 women members of the club in July 1996 (above).  The other of all club members c.1991.   Pam shared the group photo of all the Paul Harris Fellows at last week’s gathering.  Once we are sure that all persons in these photos have been correctly identified they will be deposited in the archives.
President’s Time:  Josh expressed thanks to all who contributed to the success of last week’s Paul Harris Evening Celebration.  Feedback welcome on the format of the event: contact David, Pam or Charlie.
Club Assembly:   Dale gave a presentation on behalf of the Projects Committee outlining how our money is raised and where it went over the past year, as well as introducing the draft budget for next year.  Not so long ago we gave around $5,000 a year to good causes; now our annual budget is $47,000. This is due in part to the success of the Gold Mine Draw though other fund-raising events such as the Wine/Beer Tasting and the breakfasts also contribute.   
About two-thirds of our money goes to local projects such as TRHS bursaries, TRHS beautification Project, Sappy Fest youth camp, Owens Family Sundays, Open Sky.  One third goes to national and international projects such as ShelterBox Canada, the Red Cross, WASHRAG, World Community Service Projects and the Rotary Foundation.  These grants are in addition to the money that goes to the designated local charities from the weekly Gold Mine Draw.
Josh thanked Dale for the report and for all the work that lies behind it.
The meeting closed with the Four-Way Test.