Susan F.  was in the Chair today.  Rather than expand on her bio, she opted to update the members on Dave and Ove's condition following their recent hospital stays.  Dave had a new knee installed a little over a week ago and is improving daily.  Now home, his leg is a little black-and-blue and he has a fair amount of pain at night.  A light sleeper, it seems that he actually woke up during the operation and could watch what was happening.  Drugged up, he didn't feel any pain.  He is up and walking, but tires easily.  Ove had an operation to remove an aneurism in his abdomen.  He came home last Monday and could be found in his office later that same day.  He is improving.  At one point, he and Dave were roommates in hospital.
Guests today were Morgan Rosenberg (potential member), Alf Walker (Gold Mine winner), Christina Collins and Liana Gould our guest speakers for the day.  There were no visiting Rotarians nor Pin Pal stories today but several members had makeups if they were at the school breakfast or on the Gold Mine committee.  Birthday girl Guylaine celebrates a birthday on the 21st, but was absent today.
Following the winning of the 50-50 draw last week, this week's pot stood at a jaw-dropping $9.      George's ticket was yet again drawn.  Looking for the 9        he drew the 3    .  The consolation prize was just slightly less than the pot.  In the happiness department, Louise was happy to go to prison last week - as a guest. She realized how much we take freedom to do what we want, when we want, for granted.  The prisoners can't............Louis was happy he has met so many other student during the past 2 weeks.  He also enjoyed the Chancellors Dinner at MTA on Monday night...........Bill celebrated his 45 year graduation last weekend amongst people a lot younger than him.  He managed to keep his sanity (may be in dispute).............Dianne is happy that her grandson arrives tonight.  She was also glad she visited Dave and Ove............Pam was happy that she met one of her new goals - to complete a marathon a month.  One down!!!...............Trish was unhappy that she set her alarm to PM instead of AM, but is happy that she is now going to work in Moncton - still for the Feds..............Susan F. was happy to read a letter from Bonnie Russell, our most recent Adventures in Citizenship student.   Wayne will arrange for her to speak to the club...........Wynn was happy to acknowledge the great medical system we have in this country and glad that Alf Walker won the Gold Mine draw.
Chairperson               Tim                Greeter               Darrell
Introducer                  Dale               Thanker              George
Committee Meeting Next Week
Club Administration meets next Tuesday at 7 PM at John's house.
In committee reports, John urged committee chairs to get their budgets done.  The RYE committee reported that their budget is done but not sent in.  Susan also asked for volunteers for the BBQ at Salem School on June 18th.  Jamie, Louise and Dianne volunteered.
In President's time, Dianne urged members to sign the cards for Dave and Ove.
Presentations for the Gold Mine draw were held before turning the meeting over to our guest speakers.  The big winner last week was Alf Walker, here shown receiving a cheque for $983 from Rotarian Wynn Meldrum.  Also picking up a cheque was Matt Litvak, on behalf of Sackville Minor Hockey.  Matt is shown accepting a cheque for $491.50 from Rotarian Darrell Harvey.
Charlie introduced our guest speakers Christine Collins and Liane Gould, both representing Ability NB.  
They deal mostly with mobility disability, stemming from afflictions from spinal cord issues, MS, spinal bifita, ALS and amputations.. New brunswick has the most mobility issues in Canada, with 90,000 NBer's claiming some kind of mobility issue.  Councilors traveled over 600,000 kilometers last year to help these people.  Poverty, inactivity and social isolation are common amongst people with mobility issues.  Councillors work with people of all ages in their own community.  They develop plans and goals which will allow participants to achieve independence.  They will also provide funds when all other sources have been exhausted.  Oft time they will partner with companies and educational facilities to offer new skills to the participants.  In some cases, specialized equipment can be rented.  Last year, 369 families used the service and demand is growing.  Statistically, 50% of those over age 65 will incur mobility issues.
    Christine and Liane were thanked by Sandy who presented them with Rotary pens and a book to be donated to the local library