Photographer: Pam
This was definitely Dianne’s Day at Rotary.  She greeted members on arrival, chaired the meeting, was the main speaker - and thanker.
Before breakfast Jennifer Estabrooks dropped by and collected a Gold Mine cheque for $519.50 on behalf of the Sackville Swim Club.
Dianne  brought not so good news about Ove who had a serious fall at home (down stairs).  He is in the Moncton Hospital and - according to Pat - looks “as if he had been in a bar-room brawl.”  All our best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Pin Pal Stories:  Pam reported on her visit to Winnipeg to see the new Human Rights Museum.  At the Coat Check she met someone whose husband was a long-time Rotarian, while in the Gift Shop she met Clare Archibald of the Moncton Club !  Pam was full of praise for the museum.  At the market on Saturday Sandy met members of Lucy MacDonald’s family visiting from Ottawa; in no time they were discussing a house exchange !
Happy Dollars:  Charlie attended the opening night of the new musical at the Confederation Centre - “Mama Mia !” - and strongly recommends the show.  Trish passed on a message from her father - if ever you’re heading out west via Prince Edward County there’s always a beer in the fridge.  Louis loves the “Beausejour Bars” (variant of Nanaimo Bars) which Edna makes.  Bill (with $ subsidized by Wayne) reported that next week he will be in Ottawa visited his son who is in their first home.
Next Week:  Chair - Wayne;  Greeter - Wynn;  Introducer - David,  Thanker - Jamie,  Speaker -  Gilles Volpe on “Energy Policy in New Brunswick.”  A reminder from John that our annual BBQ and Service Awards will be the following week, 23 June; no morning meeting that day.
President’s Time: Dianne read two letters.  One a letter of thanks from Elaine Smith for our donation to the Sackville Hospital Foundation.  The other (sent to all donors to the Sackville Refugee Response Coalition) with news of two families expected in 4 to 12 weeks, one from Syria, the other from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  The committee is working on bringing a third family.
50/50 Draw:  Gayle (below left) got to pick a card but failed to draw the 9 of Clubs.  The pot stands at a modest $20.
Council on Legislation:  Wayne (above right) shed light on R.I.’s Council on Legislation which meets once every 3 years to consider changes to the constitution of Rotary.  At their recent meeting they considered some 180 proposals about half of which were passed; these will take effect as of 1 July.  Many changes provide more flexibility for clubs, e.g. weekly meetings are not required (twice a month is OK), membership requirements are to be determined by clubs, “classifications” are de-emphasized, Rotaracts can become Rotarians, the admission fee is eliminated, no distinction between regular and E-clubs.  Annual R.I. fees are to increase from $56 to $60.  See the R.I. web site for full (very full) details.
With only three weeks to go to the end of the Rotary year Dianne gave an overview of the club’s activities in 2015-16.  A highlight has been the success of the Gold Mine Draw which to date has brought in $116,652 (half going to winners and half to charities). There are 1,797 people enrolled with 11 new members this past week alone.  (There have been roll-overs for the past two weeks so next week’s pot will be over $3,000).  The strategic planning session last January set goals which need to be kept in mind, including one major fund-raiser (the Spring Bash) and two breakfasts per year.  Other activities included the Alzheimer’s Coffee House and the Bowling Night with Rotaract.  The Adventures in Citizenship program was re-started and we look forward to hearing from the student who went to Ottawa. Louis has been one of our best RYE students ever.  Unfortunately we will not be having a RYE student next year.  We do hope to start an Interact Club at TRHS.  One of the most important features of our club and its meetings is - LAUGHTER !
Dianne thanked everyone for their support during the year, and for all the work done including at the District level. The club responded with an enthusiastic round of applause.
The meeting closed with the Four-Way Test.