Posted by Wayne Harper on Jun 09, 2017
     Prez Josh was the Chair this week.  He indicated that he and Christine will be going to Ottawa for the July 1st.  This will be his first visit to the Nation's Capital in 20 years.  He recalled his first visit - that of a Minstrel when he was a student at Marshview Middle School.  When the boy soprano heard that a trip was planned to Ottawa, he decided to stay for one more year.  Money was in short supply, but family and friend's helped and off he went.  He used some of the money to get a skate board,  a move not too popular with the adults.  Once there, he had a wonderful time and now looks forward to a return visit.
  Two cheques were presented to our Gold Mine Charities.  In the left photo, Rotarian Dianne Oulton is shown presenting a cheque for $583 to Matthew Estabrooks, representing Sackville Minor Hockey.
In the right photo, Stephanie Lebreton from the Sackville Swim Club accepts a cheque for $582 from Rotarian Sandy Harper.
Guest Matt Ripley attended on behalf Salem School (he is also the speaker) as did Matthew Estabrooks on behalf of Sackville Minor Hockey.  Visiting Rotarian, Sharon Meldrum, attended from The Southlake Club in Florida.  It was a busy week for makeups as the Gold Mine Committee, Club Administration, The Board and the Bursaries committees all met. Pam also attended the Wine Tasting for the Amherst Club last Saturday night.
   In the Pin Pal story department, Dianne had a couple.  She was plying the seas last week when one of the on-board guests, a Doug Person from Vancouver, identified himself.   She also met another man  from  Meaford Ontario when they were in Norway.  In another instance, she ran into a Rotarian from Arizona and when they found out she was from Sackville, asked if she knew Peter Manchester.  Small World!!!     At breakfast on Sunday, Pam ran into Amherst Rotarian, Steve Maltbe, still suffering from the Wine Tasting the previous night.
There were no birthdays this week, but Dianne had one when she was away, so the Club treated her to "happy birthday".
     Edna was still having issues trying to give away $444 this week on the 50/50 draw.  Ove's ticket was picked, but he failed to draw the 9  , instead drawing the 10 .
In Happy Dollars, Dianne was happy that she and Frank had a great cruise to Scandinavia and was really, reaLLY REALLY happy to announce another grandson.  She intends to take Evans down when the games begin............Louise was happy that her niece will be coming to MTA this fall.  She also invited all to the Vogue Cinema on Sunday at 2 pm to see a film on small town NB called 13 Ways to Kill a Community.  It will be followed by a guest speaker talking on the subject...........Wynn was happy that is appears he will get to golf and the sun will actually be shining.  He is also looking for someone to take his place at the Gold Mine Draw the last 2 Mondays in July..........Sharon was happy to note that she and Wynn will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on the same day that Canada turns 150...........Sue Purdy announced that the crew of C3  will be at Cape Jourimain at 7 pm on June 28th.  All are welcome to come and meet them.
The Duty Roster for next week is as follows:
Chairperson       Joyce              Greeter      Dianne
Introducer           Susan P.         Thanker     Bill
Speaker              Elizabeth Wells
The only committee meeting next week will be the Gold Mine Draw Committee on Monday
Gayle, on behalf of the Club Administration committee announced the upcoming Annual BBQ on June 29th.  There will be no morning meeting that week.  Tickets are $10 per person with all kids free.  She circulated a sheet so members could sign up to bring a dessert or a salad.  The event will be at the home of John & Gemey Murchie, 178 Pond Shore Road.
Pam indicated to members that she was only $100 short of the $1,000 in grocery cards sold this month.  She hoped there would be a race to fulfill the goal.
In President's time, Josh advised members that the budget for 2017-2018 has a $8,000 deficit.  He urged members to support Club activities and subsequently announced a dues increase of $10 per year, to cover off Rotary International's $4 per year increase over the next 3 years. 
Sandy introduced our speaker this week - Matthew (Matt) Riley.  Matt is currently acting Principal at Salem Elementary School.    The school is one of 13 beneficiaries of the Gold Mine Draw.  He was here today to tell us how the money is used.
Salem is a K - 4 elementary school with an enrolment of 368 students. It has French immersion and extols outdoor education out of 19 homerooms.  He believes Sackville is a great place to raise a family and having MTA is a big aid. Our Rotary club helps fund the following items not funded by    the Province:
•Blessings in a Backpack - insures students in need receive a treat in their backpack every Friday before school ends.
•Partnerships with families - makes sure that families in need will reach out to the school for assistance in troubled times.
•Transportation - will provide drives or gas money when the need arises.
•Clothing - insures needy student are properly clothed during the various seasons.
•Milk Cards - issues milk cards to needy students.
•Lunches (beyond the Breakfast Club) - supplies food, over and above the breakfast program, when identified.
•Short Term/Long Term Support - supports families in need, especially families who find themselves between jobs.
When asked what Rotary could be doing in addition to our current program, Matt sees a real need in the area of mental health. 
    Wynn thanked Matt with a book that will be presented to a local library and a certificate and Rotary pen.
The meeting concluded with the 4-way-test.