Posted by Charlie Scobie on Jun 30, 2017
Photographer: Dianne Oulton
Members and friends gathered at John and Gemey’s place for the annual Rotary BBQ.  The storm clouds passed by without any rain and the sun shone. 
Everyone enjoyed a fabulous feast.
Some ate al fresco . . .
Others dined in style.
Edna balanced the books, while Doug cooked the steaks.
Some helped themselves to a modest helping of dessert . . . others tried to see how much chocolate cake you can get on one plate.
After the meal Dianne handed out the Rotary service awards :
Josh and Marita both joined Rotary on 1 January 2012 and so were presented with 5 year awards.
Trish joined on 13 December 2007 and received a 10 year award, while David was recognized for 35 years in Rotary having joined on 1 March 1982.
Next came the changing of the guard. 
Dianne reached up to Josh to give him the Past-President’s pin . . .
while Josh in turn presented the President’s pin to the incoming/returning president John.
Josh looked back on the past year and thanked everyone who assisted him as president.  He made it to every meeting and even arrived on time last week.  He gave a special word of thanks to Joyce for the great job she did as secretary.  A special thanks also to John for being willing to take on the presidency again.
John gets to the meetings on time even if he does not always like talking to people that early in the morning.  He gave a special thanks to Dale who is stepping down as chair of the projects committee, and to Stacey who is taking over that position.  Thanks also to Mary not only for the great job she did as sergeant-at-arms but also for the use of her home as the Rotary “clubhouse.”  Dianne takes over as sergeant-at-arms.  John looks forward to the coming year and hopes to see a legacy project come to fruition.
Thanks were also expressed to Gayle for organizing the event, to Doug the master chef, and to John and Gemey the gracious hosts of the event (according to John, Gemey did all the work).
Next week:  6 July 2017.  Greeter: George.  Program: Club Assembly.