Welcome to a new Rotary Year,  and to the new Board and President, know that the membership is behind you all and we look forward to working to insure Rotary has a prominent place in the community.
Pictured above is the new Board of Directors and Officers for 2016-2017.  Front Row Left - Mary Sears (Sergeant-at-Arms), Dianne Oulton (Past President), Joyce Ferguson (Secretary) and Edna Boland (Director Youth Services).  Back Row Left - George Woodburn (Director and Chair Membership), Darrell Harvey (Treasurer), John Murchie (President Elect and Chair Club Administration), Dale Creelman (Director and Chair Projects), Jamie Smith (Director and Chair Fundraising) and David McKellar (Chair Foundation).
President Josh was in the Chair today.
As if playing into the words above, we presented cheques to the latest Gold Mine winners.
Left: President Josh presents a cheque for $1,000 to Steve Ridlington who was the big winner of the July 4th draw.  In the right photo, President Josh reverses roles as he accepts a cheque for  $500 on behalf of the Dorchester Food Bank.  Rotarian Guylaine is shown presenting the cheque.
There were no visiting Rotarians today, however Wynn had as his guest, Duncan Allison, an associate in his law firm.  Makeups were many this week as the Board, Club Administration and the Gold Mine committees all met.  Chairs are to give the names to Edna.  For Pin Pal stories, Dianne ran into former District Governor Wayne Wornes in Sackville this week.  They were passing through.   Both were elated at being "past somethings".   At a symposium for new councilors, Bill ran into a Rotarian who was also the guest speaker.
    The 50-50 draw this week featured a "whopping" $38.  David's ticket was drawn, but drawing the King of   got him nothing but a hope he may repeat the feat next week.
Almost 1/2 of the membership were happy this week!  Susan F. was happy to get an e-mail from Louis this week.  He was in Montreal which he liked, but claimed to like Sackville better...............Ove was happy that he got rid of his third leg (cane)...........George was happy  that he stopped at McDonald's in Truro this week. The people in front of him bought him a coffee..........Dianne was happy the she got to see a photo of Trish who received an award from the Wildlife Council.........Pam was happy that she survived two marathons............John was happy to aid President Josh in starting the meeting on time.............Sandy was happy that she saw he granddaughter of Elaine Smith, acting in an episode of When Calls The Heart on CBC this past week.............Joyce was happy that her grandson has returned from Europe..........     Dale was happy and sad.  He was happy that his daughter and son are home visiting and sad that he missed the Board Meeting this week..........Trish was happy that she got to test a new hybrid gold club at Golf Town this week............Wynn was allot happy this week.  He was glad that his guest Duncan got up and made the meeting, his anniversary was on July 1st (the 49th) and he walked in a parade in Truro..........Bill was happy to be back as he missed the last three meetings.
Duty Roster for Next Week
Chairperson           Bill           Greeter         Guylaine
Introducer              Frank       Thanker       Josh
Speaker - Michael Fox & Craig Evans
There are no committee meetings scheduled for this week.
From the Club Administration Committee, John advised everyone of the Lobster Party, scheduled for August 25th at Louise's house.  More details will be forthcoming.  He also indicated that the 50-50 draw is slightly modified in that there is no longer a $5 consolation prize...........Dave showed a video on the Foundation, which celebrates it's 100th anniversary this year.  He asked members to fill up their Mason jars with spare change.  Three members have recently turned in their jars with monies exceeding $100..............Dale report for the Projects committee that the motorized wheel chair is on order and is expected next week.  You may recall that our Club topped-up funds to make the purchase possible.
Incoming President Josh used this Club Assembly meeting to set out his vision and direction he would like to see the Club embark on during his term.  He was glad that fundraising is not the issue it once was, thanks to the successful weekly Gold Mine Draw.  The Spring bash and the breakfasts will compliment the Draw.  He happily supports the changes made to the Wine and Beer Tasting event that has now become the Spring Bash.  He hopes to "grow" this event even more.  The format changes to the Christmas party were also welcomed.  Josh feels that now may be the time to determine what a legacy project might be.  Several items have been talked about over the years, but the lack of funds kept them from progressing.  With the success of the Gold Mine Draw and it's increase in available funds, now may be the time to set some "wheels in motion".  Josh would like to see the membership process speeded up by streamlining the process.  He is looking forward to the year, and asks members to help him.  As a conclusion he reminded members that the District Governor is coming to the Club on August 18th.
Josh adjourned the meeting with the 4-way-test.