Dale was in the Chair today and because of two speakers, decided to eliminate the  story time, instead getting into the meat of the meeting.  Guests to day included the parents of speaker Adam Niles and Gold Mine Winner Nick Rodger.  
Visiting from Toronto was former Club member and visiting Rotarian Leslie Van Patter.  She was accompanied by her partner and fellow Rotarian, Mark Wilson.
Make ups were applied to members of the Project Committee and the Gold Mine Committee.  Ove was the birthday boy this week, fully 4 months younger than your scribe.      Speaking of the scribe, Wayne's ticket was drawn for the 50-50 draw but drew the Jack of   instead of the Nine of   .  He missed out on $69.
This week Louise was happy that she is going to the cottage in a few days........Wynn was thrice happy as he determined he was related to the Steeves (had a major reunion last weekend), was critical of the traffic in Toronto (three lights to make a left turn) and he ran into Pam and family in the airport..........Wayne was happy that Leslie paid us a visit so he could thank her for all she does for our club..............Darrell was happy that he was leaving for the West on Saturday, returning at the end of September............Leslie was happy that she came back and is enjoying her vacation at the beach............Sandy was happy that daughter Kristen and her husband Andrew are adopting a little girl, giving her and Wayne another grandchild.
At various times throughout the meeting, recent winners in the Gold Mine Draw were presented with their cheques.
Left above, Nick Rodger picks up his cheque for $1033. from Rotarian Dale Creelman.  Nick won the Draw for July 18th.  Top Right above, Anne Steeves also picked up a cheque from Rotarian Dale Creelman for $1033.  Anne won $1001 in the July 25th draw.  In the right bottom photo, Brian Nelson picks up a cheque on behalf of the Tantramar Resource Centre for $500.
Duty Roster for Next Week is as Follows:
Chairperson        Darrell        Greeter        Josh
Introducer           Guylaine     Thanker      Mary
Upcoming Committee Meetings Next Week are:
Board  -  Next Wednesday
Membership  -  Immediately after this meeting.
President Josh also thanked Leslie for all she does for our Club.  He mentioned the project that the Foundation is proposing.  In it they will give out 300 water bottles at the corn boil.  This will promote both our Club and the Rotaract Club.  As it was not budgeted for and over $500, it required a vote by the members.  Pam moved that "the Club purchase 300 water bottles for a total of $837.75, to be given out to students at the annual corn boil".  The motion was seconded by Charlie.  Motion Carried.
      Susan F. introduced both speakers today - youth who have travelled in the past year at some expense to Rotary.  First up was Bonnie Russell, a TRHS recent graduate who attended the Adventures in Citizenship program in Ottawa.  This is an intensive 4-day trip to Ottawa where 220 students from across the country get together for fellowship and a visit to Canada's capital.  They had a chance to visit Parliament Hill for a tour of the Senate.  They also got to go to the War Museum and Camp Fortune.  They had a visit from the Speaker-of-the-House, before going to the University of Ottawa for a tour.  There they had a talk from Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party.  A highlight of the trip was a chance to sit in to a citizenship ceremony.  Approximately 50-60 people became new Canadians.
Our next presenter was Adam Niles, our RYE student who spent the last year in Brazil.  He wore his favourite clothes from Brazil, the Gaucho's traditional wear.  His first host family was a farmer from Dom Pearito, who was both strict on his family and very rich.  Dinners, parties and meetings  were very formal (suit and tie).  School was from 8am to 12 noon.  The rest of the day usually encompassed horseback riding.  High school is 3 years and there is a lot of music.  Adam learned to play the trumpet and he got a chance to act in a Christmas Pageant, playing Joseph.  He was on summer vacation from December to March.  His second host family was not as strict as the first.  They opted for a party to celebrate anything.  During the month of January he got a chance to tour the country for the whole month.  His third host family was also a farm one.  They lived in a very fancy home with a sophisticated security system.  Brazil is rated as the 10th most dangerous city in the world.  A highlight of his year was his skydiving event.  During his year, he met 16 different students in the District, 4 in his city.  They will be friends for life.
    Both Bonnie and Adam were thanked by Louise.  They were each given a Rotary pen and citation.  A book will be donated to a local library in their name.