Posted on Jul 20, 2017
Photographer: Pam Harrison
Marita was in the chair but her 2 minute bio was pre-empted in favour of the anticipated video presentation.
50-50 Draw:  Sandy’s number was drawn but sad to say she drew the 6 of Hearts instead of the 8, so $19 carries forward to next week. 
Visiting Rotarian:  Bill McLeish from Ottawa.
Gold Mine Draw:  Elizabeth Wells was on hand to receive a cheque for $560 from Trish on behalf of the Sackville Community Association.
PinPal Stories:  Though not wearing her Rotary pin (she was in her bathing suit) Trish did meet a couple from Ohio at the lake; Sue, President of the Willoughby Club thought that our club does wonderful things.  Pam visited the Port Elgin club with DG Iris who was very impressed with our club after her visit last week.
Happy Dollars:  Wayne had a sad dollar – he was feeling older after taking two 10 year olds to Magic Mountain.   Trish enjoyed a two week Docks and Drinks tour of Ontario.   Pam saw “Million Dollar Quartet” at the Charlottetown Festival; the cast included Sackville native and Mt.A. B.Mus. grad Trevor Grant.   Bill had a good news story - his son lost his wallet while at a blues festival; the next day someone put the wallet, complete with cash, through the letter slot at his home.  Last Friday George went with friends on a hike/picnic/swim on Pictou Island, a location he recommends.  Ove reported that Gayle is doing well after surgery – we hope to see her back soon !
Next Week, 27 July 2017:  Chair: Ove;  Greeter: Josh; Introducer: Wayne; Thanker: David.
Grocery Cards:  Pam reported that the sale of grocery cards last Rotary year brought in $1,500.  Darrell was glad to receive the cheque from Pam and Marita.  This money goes into the club account to meet club expenses.
Rotary Bell:  Picking up on an idea from the Sooke Rotary Club Pam has the Rotary bell from the former Springhill club and plans to take it to 10 clubs, beginning with ours.  She will invite each club to donate $150 for a total of $1,500 to mark Canada 150.  For a start she got $39 contributed at the meeting.
Speaker:  Trish introduced Louise who introduced the showing of a video by former Alberta MLA Doug Griffiths which she had seen at last fall’s conference of the AC accounting firms group (and which has been shown in Sackville).  Using a technique he developed in talking to high school kids (what are the best ways to ruin your life ?)   Griffith’s presentation is entitled “13 Ways To Kill A Community” (also the title of a book he has written).
Modern technology is wonderful – when it works.  Unfortunately the video encountered a technical hitch (due to “buffering” according to our techie expert) so that we only heard the first two ways to kill a community – 1. Water Quality (don’t bother to ensure the quality and quantity of your community’s water supply), and 2. Business Attraction (don’t bother to attract new businesses or promote business competition).
There was quite a lively discussion of Sackville’s water supply, the problem of attracting new businesses and the need to shop locally (which is actually #5 on Griffith’s list).  If the technical difficulties can be overcome it is hoped that the rest of the presentation can be viewed next week.
The meeting closed with the Four-Way Test.