Photographer: Dianne Oulton
George welcomed members on their way in, then led a rousing rendition of “O Canada.”
Sandy chaired the meeting and recalled how at age 6 she lived in Estevan, Saskatchewan – in the courthouse !  She lived in a small apartment in the basement but played in the jail (when not otherwise occupied).  Poking holes in the window screens let lizards in.  5 or 6 years ago, along with her two younger brothers, she revisited the building which was considerably changed.  They were invited in by a judge.
Birthday: Gayle shares her birthday tomorrow with Donald Trump’s inauguration.  She was suitably serenaded.
50-50 Draw: Louise’s number was drawn.  She came close, but drew the 10 of clubs instead of the 9 of clubs.  $239 carries over to next week.
Happy Dollars: George will miss the next 9 meetings as he will be in Florida.   Dianne’s curling team dressed as Montreal Canadians but lost in the final; next time the dress code is tie-dye shirts.  
Susan F was sad there was no snow (she just had to wait a little), but was happy to have tried out the “fat bikes” in Kouchibouguac Park.   Josh is happy to have bought a tractor (57 hp, with cab) so now he can plough himself out.
Next Week:   Chair: Sue P;   Greeter: Jamie;   Introducer: Bill;   Thanker: Gayle.
Rotaract: Susan F reported that members are lining up for the position of vice-president so they are going to have three, plus a summer co-ordinator.  They are keen to curl with Rotarians at the end of March.
Adventures in Citizenship:  Susan F is looking for a student to go to Ottawa.  Lacking a TRHS candidate a first year Mount A student might qualify.
Rotary ClothingSandy announced that if members provide an item of clothing she can arrange to have the Rotary logo and/or your name embroidered on it.  You have three weeks to apply.
Potential New Member:  Gayle brought forward the name of Tony Carhart as a potential new member (he attended last week).  A notice will be emailed to members.
President’s Time:  Josh announced a Rotary training program scheduled for 11 February, in Sussex.  More details to follow.  Dale has consulted with the Mayor regarding our Legacy project.  The Town is showing interest in developing the old quarry so that project is back on the table.
SpeakerOve stood in for Wynn (wishing he too was down south) and introduced the guest speaker Julia Feltham who gave a presentation on “The Sackville Commons Co-op” of which she is a founding member. 
Since September the Commons has occupied the former fire station and police station building on Main Street.  Currently there is a construction break as new steel posts are being put in to help support the roof.
The Commons Co-op is part of a world-wide “co-working” phenomenon which seeks to create new infrastructure to provide for a new work-force with many part-time and at-home workers.  They have a “Vision,” a “Mission,” and an impressive “Mandate” :
They already have 33 annual members and are looking for more. Groups using the facility include Daybreak, Live Bait, Bay of Fungi and a nano-brewery (which started production yesterday).  The Commons is designed to serve as a community hub for bringing ideas to action.  Two board rooms are available with room for 14/30 people.
Julia thanked Rotarians for the opportunity of speaking to the club.
Dianne thanked the speaker for a lively and interesting presentation.
The meeting closed with the Four-Way test.
Gold Mine Draw:  This week’s winner was Don Nelson who will collect $1,129.  A donation of $564.50 will go to the Sackville Community Association.
Do you recall the special tulips from Holland which have been designated as the official tulip of Canada’s 150th birthday ?  As the above picture shows, the elegant white blooms with red flames bear an amazing resemblance to our maple leaf flag.  Pam writes to tell of a special project she has for 2017: “My plan is to ‘build goodwill and better friendships’.  Every time I meet someone from Holland I tell them the story of the special red and white tulips and thank their country for the special gift. Most do not know of the tulips but they sure remember the Canadian soldiers liberating their country.”
Seen here is a Dutch couple Pam has met in Portugal.  She says: “George was one and a half years old and she was 4 months when the war ended. They both expressed their thanks to Canada, ‘a country of very nice people.’ "
A great way to put the Four-Way Test into practice !
Pam says hi to everyone !