Photographer: Pam Harrison
Assistant Greeter Wynn standing in for Josh welcomed members to the meeting.
Sandy standing in for Darrell called the meeting to order.
Gold Mine winner Rose Ceretti was on hand to collect a cheque for $1,001 handed over by Ove.
Sandy told how she got into the jewelry business.  After she retired she still felt the itch to do something.  Seeing a jewelry display she thought, “I could do that” and with instructions from UTube and supplies from the internet a new business was born.  That business has flourished, with the help of a well-paid assistant (actually, Sandy designs the items and Wayne makes them).  The jewelry is sold at various markets and craft fairs.  It provides a good hobby and brings in a few extra dollars.
Make-Ups:  Pam was at a gathering on Grand Manan in her capacity as an Assistant Governor.  Bidding in an auction saw her with $100 worth of lobster (uncooked).  A helpful Rotarian cooked the lobster for her and she took it home where the family ate some but Pam got the lion’s share.
Birthday:  Trish’s birthday was noted in her absence.
50-50 Draw:  Sandy claimed to have the winning ticket though she put it in the Blue Box by mistake (to be confirmed).  However she failed to pick the 9 of Spades, so the $76 pot is available for next week.
Happy Dollars:  Charlie was happy to see 6 paintings by daughter Mary in the new Fog Forest Gallery summer show; 3 were already sold and 2 have gone.  Check the FFG web site.  He was also happy with the opening event of the Olympics - the Canadian women’s soccer team 2-0 victory over Australia (first goal in 20 seconds; Canada shorthanded for 70 minutes of the game).  George played in a golf tournament paired with a senior, Bud Livingston from Debert who at 91 turned in a respectable 114.  Wayne is anticipating a visit from their daughter-in-law’s family plus 2 grandchildren, and are heading out to camp in Fundy National Park.   Joyce’s son Andrew who is a senior producer with CBC Newsworld made it to Rio after a horrendous journey (courtesy of American Airlines); she is not altogether happy that he will be there for the duration of the Olympics.  Dianne was in Halifax for Sarah Oulton’s outdoor wedding at Best Western, Chocolate Lake.  She was happy that Douglas was able to walk Sarah down the aisle.  Dianne will be in Miramichi to visit/care for her father who is in hospital.  Pam circulated the 9 October 2008 club photo (at the Rotary Bridge) and suggested that we should take another group photo.
Next Week:  Chair - David,  Greeter - Joyce,  Introducer - Jamie,  Thanker - Marita, Speaker - Sue P on the Cape Jourimain Lighthouse.
Membership:  committee chair George stressed the need to recruit new members. An evening meeting is planned for 29 September with a number of potential new members invited.  Keep membership in mind !  “What is Rotary” cards and application forms are available at each meeting.
Fundraising:  Meeting next Monday 8 August, 6 p.m., at the “Clubhouse”, Fairfield Road.
District Governor’s Visit:  A good attendance is requested for the 18 August visit by DG Ginny and husband Jerry.  There will be a meeting with the Board after breakfast then a tour of Rotary projects in Sackville.
Lobster Party:  25 August at Louise’s.  Cost $15 for food (bring own drinks) payable in advance.
President’s Time:  Dianne (see photo above) standing in for Josh read a fine letter of thanks from Megan Cunningham for her Rotary bursary (shared with Bonnie Russell).  Megan is heading for the University of King’s College, Halifax.   The next breakfast is scheduled for 17 September.  Sue P will be in charge but needs an assistant to help with planning and organizing the event.
In the absence of the arranged speaker, the meeting closed with the Four-Way Test