Posted on Aug 31, 2017
Photographer: Pam Harrison
Trish was in the chair and had circulated a questionnaire for her 3 minute bio.  Answers: 1. She has one sibling (sister Shelley); 2. Her hometown is Picton; 3. Her dog’s name is Daisy; 4. She has worked for 3 organizations – ASF, CWS, DFO; 5. Her job is Biologist, Atlantic Salmon Research Joint Venture Coordinator; 6. How many times on time for Rotary ? Too few to calculate.  The winners: Dianne (9 points) got a bag; Marita (8 points) got a cap, and Sandy (7 points) got a pen.
50-50 Draw:  Trish was not so happy when she failed to pick the Eight of Hearts.  The pot of $71 carries forward to next week.
Visiting Rotarian:  Sharon from South Lake County Club, Florida.
PinPal Stories:  Sandy, George, Bill, Dianne, Louise and the Drapers all met at the Farmers’ Market (but no pins).  Dianne reported on a meeting with Margaret Hicks one of our Paul Harris Fellows.
Birthdays:  Charlie is 85 and still going strong.
Happy Dollars:  Trish was happy to have her parents for a visit; the dog missed them after they left.   Wynn was happy to have taken over Ove’s duty as greeter; “What keeps old men happy ?” – sitting at a table with three beautiful women.  John was happy to hear from a niece and grand-niece in Houston that they are OK.  Dianne was at a golf tournament in Moncton last week; she started at the 14th hole which evidently was a bar hole as well as a par hole.  Ove’s grandson has started school in Ste. Adlele, Quebec where the English students go to the French school, and vice versa.  Josh slept in (after hitting the snooze button) but still made it to Rotary.   Marita plus sister, daughter and niece saw a wonderful air show at Greenwood (they slept in a tent with no pegs).
Next Week: 31 August 2017.   Chair: Wayne;  Greeter: Sandy;  Introducer: David;  Thanker: Josh;  Speaker: Adam Campbell, “Ducks Unlimited.”  
Corn Boil:  Final reminder from Pam.  Corn Shucking – Friday 1 September, 7 p.m. at Civic Centre (960 cobs – come and try for a new world record).  Corn Boil – Saturday 2 September, 9:30 a.m. come and help prepare, serve corn 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Breakfast:  Saturday 16 September.  Please sign the duty sheet if you have not already done so.  The breakfast is in aid of Marshview Middle School Breakfast Program.
Fall Fair Parade will feature Trish and Pam’s convertibles, suitably decorated.
Rotary Foundation:   Remember to bring in your full money jars.
President’s Time:  John reminded members of the District Conference.  Pam and Louise will attend.  Our contribution as a “Reflection of Sackville” will be a copy of Sackville Then and Now.
Speaker:  Gayle introduced former Rotarian Patricia Belliveau who spoke on her forthcoming trip to South Africa which she has been planning for the last two years. She will leave on 15 November and will be away for three months, returning on 15 February 2018.  It should be a trip of a lifetime and will fulfill a long-time ambition to undertake some form of mission to young children.
The visit is organized by Stephen Puddle who has been going for several years to an orphanage in the small village of Windmill Park on the outskirts of Johannesburg. The orphanage, which is also a school, has two sections one for children up to 6, the other for ages 7 through 17. The school has no sports, so Patricia will be taking soccer and badminton equipment and hopes to develop a sports program.  The facility is in a gated community for security reasons.  From December 18 through January 8 she will be at another orphanage at Alden Tree.  Also going for part of the time is a registered nurse, Mary Elizabeth George.  Regular reports will be posted on Facebook.
Patricia has been busy fund-raising for the trip.  Two yard sales will help with her own expenses, while draws on a quilt and on a merchant basket are aimed at raising $3,000 for the orphanage – so far $2,100 has been raised.
John thanked the speaker and wished her well for her time in South Africa.
The meeting closed with the Four-Way Test.
Gold Mine Cheque:  Ryan Suter was on hand to receive a cheque for $634,50 from Charlie on behalf of Struts Art Gallery.