Posted by Charlie Scobie on Aug 03, 2017
Photographer: Pam Harrison
Sandy chaired the meeting until Josh arrived.  Condolences to Josh on the passing of his grandmother.  Josh shared some memories of how his grandparents first met. His grandfather was walking to school on a rainy day, dodging the puddles, when he noticed an umbrella ahead with some attractive curls underneath !  On another occasion he was to deliver a 100lb bag of flour but the horse wasn’t working (?) so he shouldered the bag and delivered it himself thus impressing his wife to be’s father.  Josh recalls never visiting his grandmother without being given some food to take home. He has not a single bad memory of her.
50-50 Draw:  Dale’s number was drawn but he failed to pick the eight of Hearts. The pot of $36 carries forward to next week.
Visiting Rotarian:  Sharon from South Lake County Club, Florida.
Make-ups:  Wynn attended Mississauga South (24 June), Oakville West (25 June a.m.), Mississauga West (25 June p.m.; the meeting was cancelled but this still counts as an attendance), Hamilton (26 June a.m.), Burlington (26 June p.m.), Burlington Central (26 June p.m.).  6 attendances in 3 days must be some kind of record.  He heard the same speech several times over from the 7080 District Governor Kathi Dick who is driven to meetings by her husband otherwise known as GOD (Governor’s Official Driver).
BirthdaysTrish has a birthday on 5 August, and was suitably serenaded.
Happy Dollars:  Susan F explained the absence of David who was at home looking after visiting family.  She also drew attention to an article in the current (Summer 2017) Mount Allison Record about New Zealand exchange student Marley Richards who has been an active member of the campus Rotaract group.  Trish also has visitors - Becky Stewart and the twins who are here for two weeks; she could use a playpen.  Wynn was careful to sing “in all of us” in “O Canada” while visiting the Ontario Rotary clubs;  in between doing make-ups he did have some time to golf.  Bill enjoyed his week in Ottawa. He is happy that Council passed an inclusivity motion, and that in response to a challenge from Cap Pelé the town now has several multi-colour crosswalks.  Dianne was pleased to see in the Trib notices by Hicks Lemoine Law welcoming Stacey as an Associate Lawyer and Josh as a Partner of the firm.
Next Week: 10 August 2017.   Chair: Sue P;  Greeter: Louise; Introducer: Bill; Thanker: Gayle.  
Rotary BellPam took her Rotary bell to the Pictou club last night; despite the small attendance they contributed $150 to the Canada 150 Polio Plus Appeal.  Last week Amherst gave $325.  Currently we have contributed $80 towards our $150 target.
At each of their meetings the Pictou club display their charter, awards, bell, etc. as reminders of what Rotary is all about.
Speaker:  Wynn introduced guest speaker Melody Petlock, Executive Director, Daybreak Activity Centre, one of 32 such centres in New Brunswick. Daybreak is a mental health centre which offers daily social, mutual support, cultural, educational and recreational activities.
Mental illness directly or indirectly affects almost all Canadians.  It is experienced by an increasing number of peoples from all walks of life. The commonest onset age group is 17 to 25.  Suicide is the leading cause of death for people under 50.
Melody explained what is meant by the “Psychosocial Skills Rehabilitation Model.” Everyone belongs.  No member is “too difficult.”  We will find a way to make it work . . . or find another way.  We do it TOGETHER.
Melody’s guest Jane McWhirter spoke movingly about the negative effects of loneliness, and about how much the Daybreak program has meant to her.
Daybreak stresses community involvement for all its members.  Advocacy and Education are important aspects of its work.  Originally started in 1999 and restarted in  2001, Daybreak suffered a serious loss with the February 2016 fire which destroyed its former location.  It is now happily located in the Sackville Commons.  Melody shared a “wish list” of current needs ranging from volunteers to financial support, equipment, appliances and furniture.
After a period of questions and discussion Dianne thanked the speakers.
The meeting closed with the Four-Way Test.