Dianne was in the Chair today as the Club welcomed 2016-2017 District Governor, Virginia Joles.  Guests today included George & Connie Carter (see below) and President Josh's partner  
Christine Steeves.
    Visiting Rotarians included former DG Pat Perry from the Chatham NB Club, George's sister, June Woodburn, from the Timmins Ontario club and District Governor Virginia Joles from Presque Isle Maine.
Makeups this past week were from the Club Administration committee which met Tuesday night and the Lobster Party Committee that met yesterday afternoon.  Members didn't have any Pin Pal stories, but DG Jinny met new RLI leader Marc LaPointe, where she changed the flags on a pin.  A quiet week, there were no birthdays.
    The 50-50 Draw saw Jamie trying to pick the 9 of   .  He chose the 4 of   , missing out on $94.  In the happy dollar segment, Josh was happy to spend last weekend in the US as he had a buddy who was getting married............Wynn was happy as he and Sharon exercised their Foundation Auction purchase of a dinner-on-the-patio at Wayne & Sandy's house.  The cool rainy weather relegated the bunch to inside the house.  The meal was still delicious..............John was happy to be back after spending the last 5 weeks in Connecticut.  He was also happy that no one called the police as he was measuring the Rotary wheel at the Rotary bridge first thing this morning.............Pam was doubly happy that the DG was here and that she raised more money than she thought for her last race..........Sandy was happy that grand kids from Ottawa were here last week, where they both made and designed jewellery.  The oldest, Megan, included her creation in Sandy's collection at the Farmer's Market last Saturday, and Megan sold her bracelet as the first thing sold.  Sandy also acknowledged daughter Kristen's adoption of a 9-year-old girl in Halifax.   From what she has learned, she is a lovely girl and will be a great addition to the family.
Two recent Gold Mine winners were present today to receive their cheques.  First up, Winner of the August 15th draw was George Carter.  George was accompanied by his wife Connie.  George, shown on the left, receiving a cheque for $2041 from Rotarian Dianne Oulton  Also present to receive a cheque on behalf of Sackville Minor Hockey was Matt Litvak.  He is shown receiving a cheque for $504 from Club President Josh Cormier and District Governor Virginia Joles.
The duty roster will not be necessary next week as it is the annual Lobster party at Louise's house.
In Committee reports, John indicated that the committee will be replacing the Canadian flag as it is getting frayed and tattered.  He also explained his presence at the Rotary bridge this morning.  One of the Bronze Rotary wheels is missing and he was taking measurements on the remaining one before placing an order for a new one.............Pam reminded Rotarians of the Corn Boil shucking to take place on September 2nd at 7 pm @ the Civic Center.  Servers should be at the Corn Boil on Saturday, September 3rd at 10 am.  The group will also be giving out 300 water bottles, which will need to be filled..........Representing the Youth Committee, John read a thank you e-mail from Bonnie Russell, a recent bursary winner at the TRHS graduation.
    In President's time, Josh reminded members of the Lobster party, to be held next Thursday at Louise's house @ 6 PM.  There will be two visiting Rotarians - Adrian Brewer from the Isle of Wight and Cindy Titus from Briarwood.  They will speak for about 5 minutes.
Today's guest speaker was fellow Rotarian and District Governor, Virginia (Jinny) Joles.  Jinny took over her duties on July 1st and has been visiting Clubs in the District ever since.  She represent the Presque Isle, Maine club.  Overseeing the SETS/PETS sessions in the spring, she recalled that President Josh had paired Sackville with one of the Fredericton Clubs.  The idea behind this was to allow the two clubs to get to know each other and to share ideas on how to better serve their communities.  Expanding beyond the clubs, she urged members to also learn more about our district and zone.
She asked members to think about donating an additional $26.50 to the $100 every-member-every-year Foundation giving.  Founded in 1916 by Arch Klump, the Foundation's first donation was $26.50 and three years later the first payment from the fund was to Crippled children, which later became Easter Seals.
Jinny touched on the changes that the Council on Legislation passed earlier this year.  They include a $4 dues increase in each of the next three years, attendance to be at least two meetings a month and that Rotaract members can now be a member of a Club.  Membership is down 3 % and she urged us to revisit former members to see if the time is right for them to return.  She reminded members of the District Conference to be held on August 26-27 in Presque Isle, ME, World Polio Day on October 23rd and the Rotary Convention in Georgia on June 10 - 14, 2017.
Jinny was thanked by President Josh who presented her with a Rotary pen and certificate and the book which will be donated to a local library in her name.
A photo session of the members present is shown below:
Shown in the foreground left to right is Pam Harrison, DG Virginia Joles and Sandy Harper.
Sitting behind the table left to right are Christine Steeves(guest),  President Josh Cormier, Secretary Joyce Ferguson, Sergeant-at-Arms Mary Sears, and Director Jamie Smith.
Standing left to right is Past President Dianne Oulton, Wayne Harper, Former DG, Pat Perry, Director George Woodburn, Director Dale Creelman, Ove Samuelsen. Wynn Meldrum, Trish Edwards, Bill Evans and Director Edna Boland.
Following the meeting, Jinny met with the Board members present.
The meeting was adjourned with the repeating of the 4-Way Test.