Photographer: Pam
Sandy in the chair supplemented her recent 2-minute bio with an account of her experience as a teacher in London, Ontario, in a poorer area of town.  She was able to develop new teaching/learning methods using e.g. flow charts, and with the participation and co-operation of the children.  It turned out to be a wonderful year with the best Grade Ones she ever had.
Guests:  Two guests were present to receive cheques.  Brian Neilson (who also happens to be a candidate for Council) accepted a cheque for $510.50 on behalf of the Tantramar Family Resource Centre. 
Sheila Parker was delighted to receive her Gold Mine winnings of $2017.  She will be giving the money to a family member towards the cost of their further education.
Pin-Pal Stories:  Joyce and Josh attended the PETS/SETS meetings which provided a good opportunity to meet other Rotarians.  Among them was the President of the Fredericton Sunrise Club with whom we are now paired.  They meet Wednesdays at 7:00 a.m. in the Delta Hotel.
50/50 Draw:  Charlie’s number was drawn, but unfortunately he failed to pick the Jack of Clubs.
Happy Dollars:  Pam was glad to be back but was singing the praises of Portugal where the weather is wonderful, the people are kind, and the oranges are great; she extended an invitation to anyone to join her 15 January to 15 May next year.   Joyce was happy that Josh drove to the PETS/SETS meeting; on behalf of Marilyn Prescott of the Port Elgin club she circulated a donation sheet for their annual Kids to Camp Walkathon.   Louise was not exactly happy about this Income Tax time of year (60 hours of overtime in April); it’s an occupational hazard for accountants - Rob had to pick up his own birthday cake.  Louise is happy to be going to Vancouver the second week of July to visit a friend who has MS.   Wynn noted that Josh had said he found the PETS/SETS meetings “all right”; he thought it refreshing to hear a lawyer tell the truth.   Dianne reported on the great time she and Frank had with Louis in Halifax, including a visit to Peggy’s Cove, the Harlem Globe-Trotters, a High School production of “Fiddler on the Roof,” the “Shrek” musical and the Saltscapes Expo.
Next Week:   Chair - Sue P;   Greeter and Introducer - Bill;   Thanker - Frank (or substitute);   Speaker - Louis.
Fundraising:  A request for coolers for the Spring Bash was promptly answered.  The sign-up sheet is still available.  We now have 5 wine, 3 beer and 2 spirits vendors.
Speaker:  Wynn introduced frequent visitor David Bruce (Director of Research Services at Mount A) whose topic was “Municipal Governance: Whatever Happened to the Finn Report ?”, a timely topic with municipal elections coming up. 
Is New Brunswick’s present system with a maze of cities, towns, villages, unincorporated areas and local service districts sustainable / viable / appropriate ?  Most people would agree the answer is No but how to bring about change and what changes are needed are problematic questions. People in the smaller areas cannot elect representatives. In 2008 Jean-Guy Finn produced a detailed report which basically recommended reducing the present 250 or so municipal entities to 53.  While some minor changes have been made basically the report has gathered dust.  The report’s recommendations were intended as a package deal but many communities are resistant to the radical changes that are needed before more serious crises develop.  The Finn plan for regional government might see e.g. a Tantramar region which would include Sackville, Dorchester and Port Elgin plus all the surrounding rural areas.  David noted how the problem has been dealt with in Nova Scotia with some voluntary and some forced amalgamations.  Currently there is a major proposal for amalgamation in Pictou County which needless to say has sparked different reactions: try Googling “Amalgamation: No Thank You” and “One Pictou County.”    
The talk produced some lively questions and contributions. 
Dianne expressed thanks on behalf of the club;  she explained that Frank who heard David speak at the recent candidates’ meeting had some trouble (as a pharmacist) in figuring out what LSDs were.
The meeting closed with the Four-Way Test.