Photographer: Pam Harrison (welcome back !)
Chairperson David was just back from France.  The highlight of his visit was the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge where he and Susan were among the 25,000 Canadians present – the majority of them high school students.  A minute of silence was observed as a tribute to the fallen at Vimy.
The chair’s 2 minute intro featured a photo of the new grandson, Dow (in Gaelic = of the black hair).
Guests:  Prospective member Stacey Merrigan.  Susan F had a guest via U-Tube – former RYE student Bente (with her sister). 
Gold Mine Draw:  Eric Estabrooks was on hand to accept a cheque for $1,115 from Sandy; he is the first individual to win the Gold Mine Draw twice !  A cheque for $557.50 will go to the Sackville Community Association.
PinPal Stories:  While on stand-by in Toronto airport Ove spied a familiar figure – Pam, on her way home from Portugal.  That constituted a PinPal story; along with a Rotarian from Moncton they claimed a make-up.
50-50 Draw:   Charlie’s number was drawn, but he failed to pick the 9 of Clubs.  So the pot of $346 carries forward to next week.
Happy Dollars:  Susan F was glad to have met two former RYE students – Bente (whose family speak perfect English and who treated the visitors royally), and Louis (who is in first year Engineering).  Both these students would love to come back for a visit.   Ove was happy to be back in Sackville amid the snow; 80˚ every day in Arizona is so boring.   Wynn was happy to underline the benefits of the RYE program; he still keeps up with Fernanda (Mexico 1995-96).  He now reckons his name should be Wynn No Dow Meldrum.  He is also finding that a Florida ID card is useful for scraping ice off the car.   Marita was happy to have visits from two sets of friends – quite a reunion – with two about the same age as Kalika. 
Next Week 27 April 2017:   Chair: Dianne ;   Greeter: Wayne;   Introducer: Joyce;   Thanker:  Sue P.
Rotary Foundation:  A reminder from David that our Paul Harris Evening will be held on Thursday 18 May at 6:30 p.m. at Cranewood on Main (113 Main Street).  Tickets @ $15 per person are now available. 
Pam passed on this important message:  What parts of Rotary need to be improved? Here is your chance to get your ideas in front of the leaders of Rotary International.  What would it take to make our organization better, stronger, more inclusive, more effective ? We need your thoughts. Please respond to Past District Governor John Carkner at
President’s Time:  Josh gave reminders of the Spring Bash on 6 May (see Jamie and sign up to help if you have not already done so), and the Paul Harris Evening on 18 May (get your tickets).
Speakers:   Josh  introduced Tai Christie who gave an excellent presentation on Global Brigades Honduras 2017 with occasional help from his dad, Adam Christie (Director, Student Life & International Services at Mount A.) 
Global Brigades started at Mount A in 2009 and to date some 550 students have taken part.  This year Tai and Adam were part of a group of about 50 who flew to Honduras on United (they did not get pulled off the plane).  Prior to leaving time is spent on meetings, fundraising, making soap, and getting the needed shots (which did not prevent Tai from getting sick on the trip).  Most of the volunteers are students but they are accompanied by medical and other professionals.  The procedure is to concentrate first on medical and dental work, followed by public health, water, and micro-financing.  Donated eye glasses are used with great effect.
Their work began with a health survey then meeting the family they were to be helping.  Most of the time was devoted to building a toilet with septic tank.  As Rotarians know from WASRAG (Water & Sanitation Rotarian Action Group), clean water and good sanitation are key to improving health standards.
The visit ended with a soccer match which turned out to be Canada v. U.S.A. (Canada won). While some question this type of short-term aid, it is of value and care is taken to follow up on the various projects.  Many of the students go back again.
Both Tai and Adam thanked Rotary for their support.  Sandy (with some help from Josh) expressed thanks to the speakers.
The meeting closed with the Four-Way Test.