Members will no doubt remember Pam's grandson Mitchell, who was a regular visitor to our weekly meetings 2-years ago.  Seems that Mitchell just turned 16 on July 7th and Grandma Pam had a special gift for him - a visit to Toronto and tickets for a Blue Jay's game.  They went to the ballpark early in hopes that Mitchell would get a ball.  There were a lot of other kids there with the same dream, standing on the sidelines and watching the warmups.   Mitchell did get a ball and he was thrilled.  The big smile and thumbs up made Pam's day.  However, a little girl and her dad were not so lucky and Mitchell saw the sadness in the little girl's eyes and a dad that couldn't make it happen.  Mitchell gave the ball to her.  He said it was worth while just to feel their joy.  Talk about Service Above Self.
 Pam and Mitchell were joined by Pam's son Kent and his son Sam for this special family weekend in Toronto.
No trip to Toronto would be complete without a visit to the Hockey Hall of fame.  Here the whole family cuddles up to the Stanley Cup.
  Upon returning home from Hog Town, what did Mitchell do first????  Well drive Grandma's car, of course!