The annual Rotary BBQ was held at Gayle and Doug’s house on the hill, and despite changeable weather a good time was had by all.
All present enjoyed a fantastic meal.  Thanks to all who contributed.
After the meal President Dianne welcomed Rotarians and guests, then called on Jamie to give a brief overview of the Gold Mine Draw.  For the 2015-16 Rotary year (with still one week to go) the Draw brought in $96,000, with 50% going to winners, and the other half to local and Rotary charities.  2100 people are now participating.  The amount in the budget for 2016-17 is $104,000.  Thanks to all who worked so hard on this and not least to Louise who came up with the idea.
Dianne reviewed attendance figures for the year.  23 members have perfect attendance (including make-ups).  Mary is away out ahead when it comes to make-ups.  Actual attendance for the year was 71%; counting make-ups it was 94%.
President Dianne presented four Service Awards as follows :
With the Rotary year drawing to a close it’s time for some changing of the guard.  Thanks were expressed to Trish who is stepping down as chair of the Projects committee; Dale will be taking over that slot.  Thanks also to Marita who is stepping down as Secretary; that position will be filled by Joyce.
Dianne welcomed President-elect Josh and presented him with his pin.
Josh said he was looking forward to working together with all members of the club.
Past President John acknowledged that one of his most difficult jobs as President was persuading Dianne to take over as President.  He thanked Dianne for doing an excellent job and all present responded with a round of applause.  Josh then added his thanks and presented Dianne with her Past-President’s pin.
Finally a special thank-you was extended to Gayle and Doug for hosting the event.