Posted by Wayne Harper on Sep 03, 2017
At the end of the corn boil I observed less than 2 dozen corn left to be hand out.  This would mean in excess of 940 students and town's folk stopped by to enjoy corn-on-the-cob in the joint Town of Sackville and Rotary Club annual welcome to the students.  But the story does not start here.  It starts Friday night when 24 fun-lovin' Rotarians and friends descended on the Civic Center to shuck the corn.  And shuck they did, stripping the cover off of 960 corn in 26 minutes and 30 seconds.  We will try to find out if this is a record or not.  Here are the "shucking" crew taken after an exhausting 26 minutes.
Fast forward to Saturday morning and the Frosh were steered to the corn in military style formation - in other words, chaos.  A dozen Rotarians and Rotaract Students along with Town Council members handed the buttered corn to student after student for a solid two hours.  The result - many happy and grateful students, whose first full day in town was made just a little better.
Here are some of the photos of Rotarians and students alike.
This project has been a favorite of the Rotary Club for many years.  As long as there are hungrey students, this event is expected to continue.