Public Relations

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The role of the club public relations committee is to inform the public about Rotary and promote the club’s service projects and activities. Having strong public relations ensures that communities around the world know that Rotary is a credible organization that meets real needs. When a Rotary 
club has a positive public image, current members are motivated to be active and prospective members are eager to join.

The responsibilities of the club public relations committee is as follows:
•  Develop committee goals to achieve the club’s public relations goals for 
            the coming year.
•  Promote Rotary and your Rotary club in your community. 
•  Work with Rotarians in your club to maximize public relations efforts.
•  Understand the components of public relations that will help you promote Rotary to the                 community.
•  Know Rotary’s key messages and be able to use them when speaking in