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One of the more exciting developments in the Club over the past two years has been the number of new members we have attracted to "service above self" and, especially exciting, as many - well, all really - are somewhat and significantly younger than the Club's average. It is not the age so much as the perspectives that are entailed and brought by our new members: perspectives that will vitalize and revitalize the Club and our community.
A related development in the past year has been the Club's decision to support and become a member of the new Sackville Commons Co-Op ( http://www.coworksackville.com ). Two progressive local organizations working together will be more than the sum of the parts as both work to promote Sackville as a habitable environment especially for younger citizens.  
The other exciting development, of course, has been the development of a mighty fundraising protocol, the weekly Gold Mine 50/50 draw, which has enabled the Club to more fruitfully and energetically flex its service muscles.
We should look forward to continuing the development of both our membership and our resources for service. Sackville is graced with an incredibly active and good humoured Rotary Club. It is an honour to serve on its Executive
And, if you should be reading this and are not a member of the Rotary Club of Sackville, I would urge you to consider it, come to a meeting or two to see how much fun service can be! 
John Murchie