Chairperson: Dale Creelman  
Dale provided us with a 3-word introduction to the meeting:  Taxes, Texas, and Grandchildren!
  • Taxes because he has provided a service to the community for many years by completing tax returns for people who require assistance – he is recruiting additional volunteers.
  • Texas: he can go to Texas next year to play golf if he can recruit some volunteers
  • Grandchildren: well, of course he has the most fantastic but also because facetime is not nearly as fantastic as seeing them in person…this would be the one thing he’d miss if he went to Texas.  See how this all links?  Clever Dale, very clever!
Guests and Visiting Rotarians:  G (Gaurav) and Nidi Nayar, owners of Pizza Delight in Sackville, were Chris Farella’s guests this morning.  As someone sitting at their table…there is no question that Chris may be our best Rotary emissary…looking forward to having G and Nidi at more Rotary meetings!
50-50 Draw:  Judi Cane got excited that she drew a heart…alas it was the 5 of hearts not the 10 that she drew…neither the $273.00 pot nor half of it made it into Judi’s possession.  
Happy Toonies: 
  • Dale: Grandkids…’nuf said.
  • Stacey: a client was wonderfully re-united with their children
  • Cathy: coming to Sackville is proving to be a great decision
  • Judi: Canada’s Money Coach (our own Judi), will be starting a Women’s Money Club at The Commons Monday, March 16 from 6-8pm
  • Sue F: thanked the “invisible gnomes” who make morning meetings run without a hitch: Dave, Bill, Edna, and particularly this week Judi and Rose Leonard from Pie By Crow for the wonderful breakfast.
  • Bill: 1) thanked Sue for her tireless efforts with the morning breakfast meetings at The Commons, and 2) for a week with his best in the club grandchildren and for the landing gear actually coming down on their plan despite the warning to BRACE BRACE BRACE HEAD DOWN!
  • Louise: is off to “ski” on Friday, March 6 at Mill River…
Committee Reports and Meetings:
  • Club Services: under Rotary’s new paradigm of volunteerism vs. attendance (make-ups) it is important that we log our individual volunteer hours/efforts.  To this end there will be a sheet at each table at our morning meeting’s so that Rotarians can log their time.  Edna will collect and record this information. 
  • Projects Committee:  Bill and Trish will meet this evening (Thursday, March 5th to discuss International Projects…and yes, this was a real meeting not just an excuse to have the cocktail of the week at Thunder & Lightning…though that was good too!)
  • Youth Services: Shayne sent his report from Portugal or Spain or some other suitably lovely location!  Youth Services will continue with our existing and successful programs including Adventures in Citizenship (this year, Grace Farella will represent Sackville and the Rotary Club of Sackville!).  Shayne is looking to expand our efforts to advantage local youth so will be meeting with local school principals to determine the needs of the youth in our community.  Stay tuned and look forward to getting involved.
President’s Time: By the time you get this at least one part of this message will be almost stale news…sorry.
  • The Paul Harris evening postponed due to the snow storm will now be held on Thursday March 6th at Cranewood.  Festivities begin at 6:00pm with the ceremony beginning at 6:30pm.  You will have received an email from Pat Perry…make sure you let her know you’re coming.  You know you’re coming!
  • RI President Mark Maloney will be in Moncton on the 27th of April at the 100th anniversary celebration of clubs in D7810 and 7820.  More news to come in the next few weeks.
Induction of New Members to the Rotary Club of Sackville:
Once again Charlie Scobie regaled the club and the soon to be new members with the tale of Paul Harris and the evolution of Rotary into Rotary International.  Charlie’s ability to provide captivating nuance to this story time and time again would be the envy of any Rotary Club. 
Point to Ponder: next Rotary Year (FY 2020-2021) is the 90th Anniversary of the Rotary Club of Sackville…
It is not that often that a club the size of Sackville is fortunate enough to welcome 5 new members to the club at once….and what a diverse and accomplished group they are:
Matt Betti – Bio-mathematician, Mathematics Department, Mount Allison University
Theresa Duffy – Retired Teacher interested in starting a hospice in Sackville
Jeff Faulkner – Photographer, Health Coach and Consultant
Kelly Taylor – Bank Manager, Bank of Nova Scotia
Cathy Wilson – Retired Nurse
Thanks everyone for another great Rotary morning.  See you at Cranewood Mar.12