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Susan Purdy's Cottage
40 Douglas Lane
Tidnish, NS  B4H 3X9

Cost is $15 per person --- please indicate lobster or steak --- 2nd lobster or steak is an additional $15.

Salads, rolls etc are provided and non-alcholic drinks - BYOB as required.

Please bring your own utensils (knife, fork and spoon and as required steak knife, lobster tools).

You can bring your own chair, but this is optional.

High tide will is at 12 noon so come early and go for a swim :-)

George will be organizing the washer toss competition - rumour is that there will be a unique trophy for the winning team!

The address for Susan's cottage is 40 Douglas Lane in Tidnish --- click on the link with this invitation to see the cottage on a map!