Rotary Club of Sackville Bulletin May 9, 2019
    John Murchie was in the Chair today, arriving recently from Ottawa, where he has been studying Italian (along with his wife Gemey working on her PHD).  John read a dissertation from his nephew on the Notre Dame Cathedral fire last month in Paris.
Besides our guest speaker Diane Hamilton, Elaine Smith and Susan Lafford visited us today.  There were no visiting Rotarians.
There were several Pin Pal stories today starting with one from Dianne.  Seems she and Pam attended a meeting in Moncton of the regional Rotary Clubs where $2,000,000 was pledged.  Patricia ran into Pam in the McDonald’s in Amherst and finally, Bill met a former Rotary Exchange student at the MTA events of last weekend.
Louise admitted to being one year older next Sunday.
    Susan Fisher had her ticket pulled for a chance at the 50-50 draw.  Looking for the Ace of , she picked the Ace of , a scant 5 weeks after her son Colin won the previous draw.  Unfortunately, the pot was only $46
A parade of happy Rotarians fed the toonie pot this week.  Susan F. was happy to win the 50 – 50 draw but was also happy that son Colin met them in Dublin last week………..Wynn was happy that there was more than 10 Rotarians at this weeks meeting………Susan P. reminded us that the celebration of life for the wife of former Rotarian Joe Atkinson (Pauline) was tonight.  She was also happy that she recently visited Paris………Louise was happy that her mom’s birthday was tomorrow along with a niece who will be sweet 16………..Morgan was happy to celebrate Ha-’azma’ut Independence Day…………Marita was happy that her trip last week ended.  Seems someone in the car talked for 10 straight hours…….Stacey was happy to celebrate 20 years of marriage to hubby Paul……….Ove was happy as he was leaving  to go to Toronto for his class reunion – 50 consecutive years………Pam was happy that both she and Dianne had McDonald’s socks……….Bill was happy that he got to walk in the park with his new grandson………Trish was happy that Bruce’s helicopter had mechanical issues, allowing him to stay home for a few more days……….Edna was happy to be back from Europe and thanked Sandy & Gayle for filling in.
      Two charities from our Gold Mine draw picked up their winnings this week.  Susan Lafford from Tantramar Regional High School picked up a cheque for $633.50 and Elaine Smith from the Sackville Memorial Hospital Foundation picked up her cheque for $650.  They received their cheques from Rotarians Sandy Harper & Bill Evans respectively.
Next Week’s Duty Roster
Chair   Louise & David                    Greeter   Morgan
Program is a Club Assembly
The Bursary sub-committee meets today after this meeting, while the Club Admin Committee meets next Tuesday at Wayne & Sandy’s house.
In Committee reports – Fundraising acknowledged a recent $200 donation to the Gold Mine………..Rotaract students, knowing that students were leaving campus, orchestrated a drive whereby furniture school supplies and perishable food were donated to the food bank as opposed to going to the garbage……….the Adventures-in-Citizenship student has been chosen.  As an aside, the father is interested in possibly joining Rotary.
    Louise’s President’s time took a different path this week as the Club awarded a Paul Harris to Bill Evans.  This is Bill’s second PH.
    Biologist Trish introduced biologist Diana Hamilton, a professor at MTA.  Diana spend several months this winter in Brazil, where she and a team of associates and students followed the flight of the Sandpiper species, one that fills Dorchester Cape each August before departing to Brazil.  Her team installed an electronic monitoring station in brazil and the team banded 114 birds with electronic bands and took blood samples.  The results showed that the birds are lazy in February and March (no weight gain) and they move around regularly.   Bill thanked Diane with a presentation a Rotary pen & certificate along with a book to be donated in her name to a local library.  
The meeting concluded with the 4-way-test.
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