Rotary Club of Sackville Bulletin - December 19, 2019
Chairperson: President David McKellar  
Today was the Rotary Club of Sackville Annual Meeting and was held at Joey’s Restaurant. 
David held a moment of silence for the passing of our dear friend and Rotarian Mary Sears.  Following the silent reflection, Rotarians were invited to share their happy remembrances of Mary, her spirit, and her dedication to the Rotary and the Sackville club, and in particular, how she embodied the Rotary moto: Service Above Self.
David also informed the club that new Rotarian Theresa Duffy was blown over on Monday in the strong wind and broke her hip.  She is recovering but will unfortunately be unable to join us for the near future.
Guests and Visiting Rotarians:  Matt Betti was Erin’s guest again and indicated his interest to perhaps become a member in the New Year.  Bill Edwards visiting from Picton, Ontario. He and Sandra will be staying in Sackville with their daughter, Rotarian Trish Edwards, for the Holidays.
50-50 Draw:  Darrell Harvey’s holiday season will not be quite as lavish as he drew the 3 of Hearts instead of the 10 of Hearts losing out on $225.00!
Happy Toonies:  Much to the disappointment of those in attendance, Happy Toonies was skipped to provide enough time for the Annual Meeting Agenda.
Prior to beginning the Annual Meeting David called Roxy and Janine into the room so that the club could present them with a card and gift thanking them for their tireless service during our breakfast meetings at Joey’s.
Annual General Meeting of the Rotary Club of Sackville – 19 December 2019
  1. Introductory Remarks and Approval of the Agenda (David McKellar)
  2. Approval of the Minutes of the 2018 Annual Meeting (Edna Boland) – CARRIED
  3. Report from the President (David McKellar)
  • The Rotary Club of Sackville is a Service Club that serves both our local and global communities.
  • The Five Avenues of Service in Rotary are also the titles of 5 of the Committees in our Club:
  1. Club Service
  2. Vocational Service
  3. Community Service
  4. International Service
  5. Youth Services
  • We recently changed the name of the Club Service committee from Club Administration so that it serves the club more broadly encompassing financial, administrative, and secretariat responsibilities.
  • The goal of the Rotary International President, and thus our club, for 2019-2020 has been and continues to be to grow our membership to do more and better engage with our communities.  New members bring new ideas and passion to our club.
  • A new sign will be soon adorning the standard as you come in to Town that directs potential visitors to our website for meeting times.
  1. Financial Report (Susan Fisher)
  • Full report posted on ClubRunner
  • The club is very financially stable due to Gold Mine fundraiser; we are carrying forward a surplus of ~ $34K
  • Pat Perry will be reviewing the club financial statements
  • Gold Mine licence has been renewed and 13 recipients selected as reported in the November-December Club newsletter
  1. Award of Past President Pins (David Mckellar)
  • While doing some clean up of Rotary storage spaces Wayne Harper unearthed our Club Presidents plaque and has updated it with the name plates of more recent Club Presidents
  • President David handed out Past Presidents pins to all Past Presidents in attendance; pins will be delivered to other Past Presidents who were not present.
       6.  Report from the Nominating Committee (Marita Webb)
  • Secretary position was vacant at the start of this agenda item.  Following discussion, including that we cannot be a Rotary Club without the forwarding of names for President, President-Elect, and Secretary to RI.
  • Edna Boland graciously agreed to let her name stand for a second year in the Secretary position.
  1. Election of the officers and Directors for the 2020-2021 Rotary Year
  • Nominated slate of Officers and Directors below, with the addition of Edna as Secretary was voted on and carried by the club.  Motion: Morgan Rosenburg; 2nd: Dianne Oulton; Motion CARRIED
Slate of Officers and Directors for Rotary Year 2020-2021:
President: Marita Webb
President Elect & VP: Shayne Mann
Past President: David McKellar
Treasurer: Susan Fisher
Secretary: Edna Boland
Director, Service Projects: Bill Evans
Director, Youth and Vocational Services: Shayne Mann
Director, Club Service: Susan Fisher
Director, Membership: David McKellar
Director, Foundation: Pat Perry
Director, Rotaract Liaison: Erin Penny
  1. Resolutions
    • RESOLVED, that all the decisions and actions of the Officers and Directors of the Rotary Club of Sackville taken since the last Annual Meeting on behalf of the Club are adopted, ratified, and approved.  Motion: Susan Fisher; 2nd: Judi Cane; Carried
    • This resolution is a standard clause found in many clubs, organizations and businesses and serves to protect officers of the club.
    • Club bylaws will be updated to include this Resolution.
  1. Other Business – None
  1. Adjournment with wishes of Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.
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