Rotary Club of Sackville Bulletin 01 23 2020
  Bill was in the Chair today.  His words of wisdom after his 3-minute “me” time was “Appreciate when you don’t have a cold”.  
Guests today were Talia Steeves (president of the local Toastmasters Club), Matt Betta (soon to be inducted), Dillon Cormier (Josh’s son) and Kathy Wilson (proposed member).  There were no visiting Rotarians.
Makeups, Pin Pals Stories and Birthdays were in short supply this week.
President’s Time: David advised the membership of the Club’s intent to induct Matt Betti and Kathy Wilson in the very near future.  Seven (7) Rotarians/Rotaractors attended the Autumn House Auction last Saturday evening.
Committee Reports: Susan advised the members that the Meeting Schedule Planning sub-committee will meet soon to finalize meeting plans to the end of June.   The date to be established.    Next week’s meeting will be at the Commons at 6 pm and will be a games night.
Committee Meetings: The Technology Sub-committee will meet next Wednesday (Jan. 29th).  
  50-50 Draw:  Susan Fishers ticket was drawn this week. She was hoping to draw the 10 of    for a reward of $245, but alas was close, drawing the nine of    instead.
Happy TooniesLouise was happy to be back from her recent trip Scotland.  Charlie was also happy as Louise brought a Haggis back for Charlie……Susan Purdy was happy that her niece is moving to Sackville.  It will be nice to have more relatives in Town.  Seems that the niece was a former neighbor of Prez David………The other Susan (Fisher) has been getting a lot of skiing in the past week.  Conditions are apparently great.  I personally tend to downhill skiing – which I am most happy to watch on TV………Dianne advised members of the Curl for Cancer Bonspiel on Feb. 1st at the Curling Club.  She urged members to come out and cheer on Dianne, Susan F. Dale and Jamie, our Rotary team.  Members are encouraged to pledge moolah to the team……..Edna was happy to be off to Toronto within the week………..Sandy reported that on a recent EKG test, the gal administrating the test was a former host family for many Youth Exchanges for the Moncton Clubs.
  Our speaker this week was Shawn Bostick, the Executive Director of the Sackville Early Music Festival.  The “early music” refers to the baroque music of the 1600’s and the early 1700’s.
Shawn was introduced and thanked by Bill.
Russell Hampton
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