Posted by Wayne Harper on Mar 07, 2018
The second of our "alternative" weekly meetings occurred last Sunday (March 4th) when 26 club members and their families trekked to North East Nova Scotia for a sleigh ride in the bush.
Sue and David wait to board their wagon.  With the lack of snow, wagons were used instead of sleighs.
In the parking lot, Wayne discusses the state of the world's tensions while waiting to board his wagon.  
Sandy can be seen talking to the driver and Bill can be seen cuddling up to Dianne.
Arriving at the camp, Doug & Gayle Key and Dale check out the surroundings.
Once everyone was inside the building, the horses turned around for the journey home later on.
While it wasn't too cold, members enjoyed hot coffee once inside.  For a half hour or so the group mixed and mingled followed by the call to dinner.  The meal was scrumptious and included pancakes, sausage, beans, rolls, cake and cheesecake plus tea and coffee.  Some of us even managed a second plate.
Following the meal, some members went outside to enjoy fellowship around a roaring fire.  Still others stayed inside and played Left, Right & Center.  Josh and Stacey were the big winners.
Soon it was time to say goodbye and we began the trip down the hill.
Here Dale and Darrell are at the back of the line for their wagon.  By all accounts we all had a good time, the food was great and the fellowship even better.